Kryptek Highlander Hat


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FOXPRO Hat with Velcro size adjustment. One size fits most. Constructed of a breathable material.

Feature Highlights

  • One size fits most.
  • FOXPRO logo on the front.
  • Made in Bangladesh

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1Kryptek Highlander Hat

Kryptek Highlander Hat Apparel Item

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Kryptek Highlander Hat (5 stars)
Trey Miller in Saxton,Pa on Feb 24, 2018

I just love this new fox pro kryptek hat. It went great for my first coyote kill picture. This hat is great quality and there’s no better way to top it off then with that American flag patch. Keep up the great work guys.

Kryptek Highlander Hat (5 stars)
Daryl in Port royal pa on Feb 03, 2018

Awesome hat love it fits great

Kryptek Highlander Hat (5 stars)
Anonymous in Oklahoma on Dec 27, 2017

Didn’t have any problems getting my order

Kryptek Highlander Hat (5 stars)
Jason in Blytheville AR on Nov 11, 2017

Great service and quick delivery!

Kryptek Highlander Hat (5 stars)
Chris hardish in Upstate ny on Sep 13, 2017

These are just awesome hats , perfect fit - thanks foxpro!!

Kryptek Highlander Hat (5 stars)
Tony Bates in Wise ,VA on Aug 23, 2017

I have bought and worn a lot of hats in my lifetime but I can honestly say that this is one of the best feeling hat that I have had on my head in a long time. If you're a hat guy, you can tell as soon as you put it on, that it just feels right. It's has a breathable material and is unstructured....meaning the front of the hat above the bill is soft. Myself, I like unstructured hats because they do not have the high hard front. But that's just me. When I purchase an item I rely on product reviews a lot, so I try to share my info and be as honest as I possibly can. I really love this hat, so much that when I received it, I ordered the FOXPRO Kryptek Typhon Hat which is the same style hat but different color. if you're a hat guy you'll love this one.

Kryptek Highlander Hat (5 stars)
Anonymous in Unknown Location on Mar 21, 2017

The hat was exactly as expected. It wears a little shallow as reviewed previously. Perfect for me.

Kryptek Highlander Hat (5 stars)
Mitchell in Howard Pa on Mar 08, 2017

Love this hat

Kryptek Highlander Hat (4 stars)
Robert in S.E. Colorado on Mar 07, 2017

Good cap. Just like the 1 you see them wearing during day hunts on Foxpro Furtakers.

Kryptek Highlander Hat (5 stars)
Angelica Lozano in Levelland Tx on Mar 06, 2017

I got my husband the FoxPro hat and he loved it, thanks FoxPro for good quality products and fast shipping!

Kryptek Highlander Hat (5 stars)
Zebrahauler in Northwestern Pennsylvania on Feb 28, 2017

Fits perfect. I like the look of Kryptek camo. Glad I bought one.

Kryptek Highlander Hat (5 stars)
R Henry in Oklahoma on Feb 10, 2017

Everything from Foxpro is always top tier even their service.

Kryptek Highlander Hat (5 stars)
Kirk Kolarik in Southeast Texas on Dec 29, 2016

Very comfortable and cool looking camo!

Kryptek Highlander Hat (3 stars)
Kris Mellott in Flagstaff, Az on Dec 13, 2016

Very shallow hat like all FOXPRO past hats been, if your L/XL head forget about it, hair or no hair. This hat was made for youth or S/M heads. Awesome material, print and American Flag patch though! Would like to see FOXPRO retail Richardson, Profit, Flex fit hats in the future for snug and secure fit for hunters that are always on the move. Let's bring back the cool T shits with the coyote holding a caller in its mouth in all sizes!

Kryptek Highlander Hat (5 stars)
Eric Hill in Amarillo, TX on Dec 12, 2016

Hat is GREAT! Great customer service and quick shipping!

Kryptek Highlander Hat (5 stars)
Ivan in North dakota on Nov 26, 2016

Excellent product and usual from excellent company

Kryptek Highlander Hat (5 stars)
Anonymous in North Dakota on Nov 21, 2016

excellent product would buy again

Kryptek Highlander Hat (5 stars)
Snowman91013 in on Nov 03, 2016

This is an excellent hat. The fitment is just as I like and not small at all for me.

Kryptek Highlander Hat (5 stars)
Chad in Kingston, PA on Oct 12, 2016

This is a great hat which matches my Howa rifle but as is mentioned, it runs small. I never had a problem with hats and/or didn't realize that I had such a big head. My adjustment strap is barely hanging on by a thread.

Kryptek Highlander Hat (4 stars)
Bennett in GA on Mar 17, 2016

So overall the hat is nice. I would prefer a little stiffer bill and crown but it will do for a hunting hat. The only thing I don't like is that the hat runs small. So you have to let the back strap out a lot and it looks a little funny from the back. I think foxpro should redo this hat in a flex-fit 3 hat size. Then it would be a 6 star hat.

Kryptek Highlander Hat (5 stars)
Irvan in Mitchell,IN on Dec 21, 2015

The Name FOXPRO calls it.The patch says it all Made in the good ole USA.