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Comes with 0 sounds.

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Now you can turn your current FOXPRO digital game call into an all-inclusive and portable predator-calling machine. Simply replace your existing battery door with the FoxJack 5, connect the batteries and 3.5mm mono patch cable from the decoy to your FOXPRO digital game call, and you're ready to go.

The FoxJack 5 delivers an unpredictable motion with a whisper-quiet motor. The FoxJack 5 gives predators the visual confirmation they're looking for, and it can be controlled remotely with your FOXPRO remote digital game call. The FoxJack 5 is compatible with the INFERNO, PATRIOT, SPITFIRE and WILDFIRE 1 and 2.

Feature Highlights

  • Attaches directly to your FOXPRO game call!
  • Whisper-quiet motor
  • Improved motion for great action and realism
  • LED for night time use
  • Can be controlled remotely with your FOXPRO digital game call
  • Gives predators the visual confirmation they're looking for
  • Comes standard with the bird topper, which resembles a woodpecker
  • Proudly made in the USA!

What's in the box?


1 Run times vary depending upon volume level, number of speakers being used (including external), temperature, and sound density. FOXPRO recommends the use of high-capacity rechargeable NiMH batteries for the best overall performance. Please note that alkaline cells are not recommended for use in temperatures below 32°F/0°C.

2 Limited warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, exposure to water, battery damage including leaked batteries, and all other forms of physical damage.

3 Optimal range is had by ensuring clear line-of-sight between the game call and transmitter and elevating the game call off of the ground approximately 3 feet. Your results may vary.


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User Reviews


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Fox Jack 5 (5 stars)
Tony Coriell in Myrtle beach on Jan 16, 2018

Easy install, its like magic. Love it

Fox Jack 5 (5 stars)
peter collett in oregon on Dec 17, 2017

fox pro patriot with added on fox jack 5 works great for calling critters in, thanks for making something so cool...

Fox Jack 5 (5 stars)
Anonymous in Central USAknown Location on Sep 06, 2017

Excellent product. Glad i purchased it. Really enjoy your TV programs...keep it up!!

Fox Jack 5 (4 stars)
Avery in East Texas on Feb 01, 2017

Called in a raccoon and a bobcat the first time I used it works fine

Fox Jack 5 (5 stars)
Wounded Outlaw in Orange County, New York on Jan 31, 2017

I bought the FoxPro Inferno unit with 75 calls of my choice loaded, also the Fox Jack 5. I have recently had a major Low Back 4 joint fusion operation. Walking is limited. After watching several Coyote Hunts on You Tube, I setout to give it a try. First time out was my best. I set the Caller w/jack out about 50 yds. Called in a Female and made a nice shot at approx.100 yds. Then had another one howl from the same area. I called out a few more times with the Inferno and a large dog came out about 175 yds. I shot and missed it. But several times out since I have many coyotes bark at my calls but would not come in. On one set up I could have shot a nice Red Fox but let it go. Great tool to have. I have since bought an External Speaker, can wait to get back out with the extra speaker.

Fox Jack 5 (5 stars)
Evan M in Western New York, USA on Jan 23, 2017

I previously bought a Wildfire 2 and added FoxJack 5 a few weeks ago and the pair works great! The first night I was out, using the combo, I called in a nice red fox in 12 minutes on stand. Between the Bay Bee Cottontail sound and the FoxJack, that fox came right in, 50 yards out and BANG! Got 'em! I would recommend this setup to anyone as a first timer or if you just don't want to bust out the big guns! (We normally use a Shockwave with FoxJack on the bigger hunts)

Fox Jack 5 (5 stars)
Anonymous in Unknown Location on Jan 23, 2017
No comments to share.
Fox Jack 5 (5 stars)
Anonymous in Unknown Location on Jan 18, 2017

Works great!!! Easy to install

Fox Jack 5 (5 stars)
Anonymous in Unknown Location on Jan 06, 2017

Perfect fit works as intended

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