Griz N Grey

Predator Hand Call

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The Griz-N-Grey is a double duty call. It creates an uncanny grey fox distress sound when the bellows is compressed in an urgent manner. When shaken, the Griz-n-Grey recreates the chatter of a raccoon. All Dillon Premium Series hand calls are premium-machined from an acrylic rod and then hand-finished by craftsmen to give you precise calling instruments that not only perform flawlessly but look great as well!

Feature Highlights

  • Produces grey fox distress and raccoon chatters

What's in the box?

1Griz N Grey

Griz N Grey Hand Call

Weight0.75 lbs.
Sound PossibilitiesProduces grey fox distress and raccoon chatters
Reed(s) InformationSingle reed with a bellows
Warranty30 Days, Limited2

What's in the box?

1Griz N Grey

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Griz N Grey (5 stars)
Dylan swartz in Pennsylvania on Jan 26, 2018

Great product! Has a awesome sounds that really reaches out for predators to hear. I've called in numerous red and grey Fox with the Griz H Grey. Also with the ability to shake the call really makes the raccoons get curious and appear.

Griz N Grey (5 stars)
Max in Texas on Jan 26, 2018
This call is awesome!!! First time using call I called in 4 Coyotes. One came in from one direction and 3 from another. It was a little chaotic. You will love this easy to used hand call.
Griz N Grey (5 stars)
Frank in PA on Jan 26, 2018
I have a griz & grey made by Kettle Creek Calls. I assume this will perform just as well, one of my best calls. I called raccoons, reds, greys, and coyotes with this call.


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