Gun Slinger Small Frame

Predator Hand Call

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FOXPRO is excited to introduce a complete line of coyote diaphragm mouth calls. The versatility that diaphragm calls have allows you to let out a howl or distress quickly on your stand. The Gunslinger howler from FOXPRO is a three-reed, regular frame design that offers the pitch and tone to imitate a female coyote. This mouth call is easy to use and has great volume capabilities. The Gunslinger howler creates realistic female coyote vocalizations such as howls, barks, distress, yips, chirps, whimpers, and challenges.

Feature Highlights

  • Pink .004mm latex on top
  • Two .003mm prophylactic bottom reeds
  • Creates realistic female coyote vocalizations
    • Howls
    • Barks
    • Yips
    • Chirps
    • Challenges
    • Distress
  • Regular frame design

Storage and Maintenance

    Caring for your diaphragm calls is very important to maintain ultimate performance. You should tend to your mouth calls all season long. Here are a few tips for prolonging the life of your diaphragm calls.

  • After use, be sure to rinse them with a mouthwash and water mixture or use tap water. Once they have been cleaned, carefully dry them with a towel or paper towel. Insert a toothpick between the top and bottom reeds. Then allow them to air dry for several hours, DO NOT SET THEM IN THE SUN. Once you have left them dry you can then remove the toothpick(s) and place them back in some sort of bag or container. Store them in a cool, dark place afterwards.
  • Heat is a very big problem with mouth calls. If you leave your mouth call out in the sun or in your vehicle this can damage the latex. This will cause the latex to expand and will ultimately affect the sound quality and also lifespan of the mouth call.

What's in the box?

1Gun Slinger Small Frame
1Diaphragm Case

Gun Slinger Small Frame Hand Call

Weight0.06 lbs.
Sound PossibilitiesCreates realistic female coyote vocalizations (ex. Howls, Barks, Yips, Challenges, Distress)
Reed(s) InformationPink .004mm latex on top
Two .003mm prophylactic bottom reeds
Warranty30 Days, Limited2

What's in the box?

1Gun Slinger Small Frame
1Diaphragm Case

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Gun Slinger Small Frame (5 stars)
Sonny Pruitt in Central Virginia on Jan 25, 2018

At first I ordered a couple of the small frame diaphragms from Fox Pro, just to try them out. I have used several diaphragms by other leading call makers. I was constantly wrestling with the other larger framed calls by other companies just trying to keep them in place in my mouth. I could get the sound I wanted but couldn't keep them in place long enough to be consistent with that sound. On a whim I ordered the smaller framed diaphragms by FoxPro and was extremely pleased. They fit so much better and remained stable in place, so that I could consistently get the sounds I wanted whether in be howls, kiyis, barks, whines or whatever . I then ordered the entire selection of FoxPro small framed diaphragms,. Impressed with how they perform. Size and fitting correctly is key in getting the sound you need.

Gun Slinger Small Frame (5 stars)
Ej in Alabama on Dec 09, 2017

I'm 14 years old never had a diaphragm call before and this one isn't exactly easy but it is usible I have had it one day and I'm getting the bark down but it's an overall great product

Gun Slinger Small Frame (5 stars)
Sonny Pruitt in Central Virginia on Nov 16, 2017

I had recently tried one of the small frame diaphragm calls and found it to be easier to use simply because it stayed in place in the roof of my mouth easier than the full size calls. I was able to focus more on tongue placement/pressure rather than wrestling with the call trying to keep it in place. Yes, I've tried trimming the full size ones down, but never seemed to get it right as the smaller frames fit.



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