FOXDATA Global Stats

This data is taken directly from FOXDATA users. The following provides a basic analysis of that data. This is a great way of sharing valuable information with other hunters all across the world. This data is updated daily.

Hunt Overviews

Successful Kills3725
Nothing Seen1970
Shots Fired / Miss290
Interrupted / Premature End52
Camera Shots14

Moon Phase on Successful Kills

New MoonNew Moon6.84%
Waxing CrescentWaxing Crescent21.85%
First QuarterFirst Quarter4.86%
Waxing GibbousWaxing Gibbous16.78%
Full MoonFull Moon7.51%
New MoonWaning Gibbous26.71%
New MoonLast Quarter4.19%
New MoonWaning Crescent11.26%

Temperature Ranges During Successful Kills

Lower than 19°F2.21%
20 - 29°F7.73%
30 - 39°F16.11%
40 - 49°F18.10%
50 - 59°F15.45%

Weather Reports

Not all hunts will feature a weather tag. The weather tag is inserted by the operator if they so choose to use it. The following chart shows the most frequently used weather tags.


Barometric Pressure Trending Observations

When the barometric pressure rises during the course of a hunt, this can be an indicator that a storm has recently passed and clear weather is moving in. Conversely, if the barometric pressure decreases during the course of a hunt, that can be an indicator that a storm is moving in. The following chart displays generalized information for the increase/decrease barometric pressure as measured throughout all hunts logged through FOXDATA. Please note: the following pertains only to successful hunts.

Hunts where pressure increased30.46%
Hunts where pressure decreased69.54%

Most Commonly Used Sounds

Coy Pup Dist 3
Platinum Gray Fox Pup
Vole Squeaks
Coy Pup Screams
Lightning Jack
Bay Bee Cottntl
Platinum Grey Fox Pup
Rodent Distress
TT Cottontail Candy
Male Coyote Howls
Jackrabbit Dist
Crow Fight
Eastern Cottontail
Yipping Coyotes
Dying Jack

Regional Data

The following shows the top 15 regions where most FOXDATA users are located.

State/% of Users
TX - 8.87%
PA - 8.22%
MO - 3.71%
NY - 3.17%
AZ - 3.06%
MI - 3.03%
UT - 2.96%
IL - 2.96%
VA - 2.82%
OH - 2.68%
WI - 2.66%
KS - 2.47%
KY - 2.33%
OK - 2.19%