Bob Bogaard

Years Hunting
Cave Creek, AZ
Favorite FOXPRO Sound
Fawn Distress
Favorite FOXPRO Unit
Weapon of Choice
243 Savage Model 10
Favorite Species to Hunt
Mountain Lion
Favorite Location
Bob Bogaard grew up hunting with his Daisy and .22 rimfire in small Arizona mining towns. He progressed to rifle and bow hunting for deer, javelina, elk and antelope. About 25 years ago the predator hunting bug hit him and that has become his passion. He joined the Phoenix Varmint Callers and has won many annual championships and calling contests. He contributed his time and talents to the club holding positions on the Board of Directors and as Hunt Chairman. He has also competed in World Coyote Calling Championships.\r\n Over the years, Bob has hunted with several accomplished predator hunters including Gerry Blair and Major Boddicker, who have shared a wealth of knowledge. Developing the next generation of hunters is a particular interest of Bob’s and his youngest daughter is also an avid hunter.\r\nRecently mountain lion and bobcat hunting have become the focus of Bob’s predator hunts. A short time ago, he killed his sixth mountain lion, a large, hard charging male, which attacked Bob’s FOXPRO caller. Although Bob has used both electronic callers and hand calls for years, this hunt made him an enthusiastic FOXPRO hunter. Bob believes his style of hunting mountain lions safely and successfully requires the use of a FOXPRO caller.\r\n Bob is honored to be a member on the FOXPRO Field Staff family and he is a believer in the excellence of their products. He welcomes the opportunity to exchange knowledge and stories with other hunters.\r\n