Bob Morris

Years Hunting
Kern County, CA
Favorite FOXPRO Sound
Favorite FOXPRO Unit
Weapon of Choice
12 ga. or 22-250
Favorite Species to Hunt
Favorite Location
Kern or San Louis Obispo, CA
Bob Morris was born in San Luis Obispo California in 1952 and has lived in Kern County California since 1959. Bob got his hunting license when he was 8 years old to go dove hunting with his father and he started deer hunting when he was 12 years old. Bob got a job working in a Sporting Goods Store when he was in high school so he could have some money to buy guns, ammunition and gasoline to go hunting with.

While Bob was in high school he started shooting his shotguns at Trap and Skeet. He shot Trap and Skeet off and on until 2003 and they he started shooting Sporting Clays.

Bob has been hunting birds for right at 51 years and deer hunting for 48 years.

Bob works in the oilfields as a Oil Plant Operator. In 1985 one of Bob's friends from work took him coyote calling with a small cassette player and they called in two coyotes. Bob has been hooked on predator calling ever since then.

In 2007 Bob found out about Foxpro e-callers and bought a FX5 and a SP-55 Speaker. During the 2007/2008 season Bob had so many coyotes running right up to his Foxpro FX5 that he bought a camera to take pictures of the coyote calling action that he was seeing. Since 2007 Bob has had his camera and a Foxpro caller with him on every predator calling stand he makes.

Bob is honored to be a Field Staff Photographer for Foxpro and it feels great to be a part of the Foxpro Family.