Casey Smith

Years Hunting
Midland, TX
Favorite FOXPRO Sound
Jackrabbit Distress
Favorite FOXPRO Unit
Weapon of Choice
22-250 or 6.5 creedmoore
Favorite Species to Hunt
Favorite Location
Casey Smith was born in Midland, TX May 24, 1984. Casey was raised on a large ranch in Midland Co. This is where his passion for the outdoors began. Casey has been hunting coyotes his whole life and was fortunate enough to learn from two of the very best in the business his father Mike Smith and Randy Watson.

As he became older and began hunting on his own Casey found a love for hunting with hounds and cur dogs. Casey hunts everything imaginal with dogs from Bears, Lions, Coons, Rabbits, coyotes and hogs you name he hunts it. Casey began hunting competitively at the age of 16 and has been very successful winning over 80 coyote calling contest across the state of Texas. Casey has the passion, will and drive to succeed in the outdoor world like no other man a “disease” he calls it.