Eddie Nash

Years Hunting
North Wales, UK
Favorite FOXPRO Sound
Young Rabbit, Vole, Pheasant, Rat Distress, Vixen Mating Calls
Favorite FOXPRO Unit
Weapon of Choice
.223 & .243 Supervarmints Tikka
Favorite Species to Hunt
Favorite Location
North Wales
Eddie is a family man, husband and father of four. He grew up and lived in the Ceiriog Valley in North Wales for over 30 years, which is where he started his shooting lifestyle at a very young age using air rifles, then moved onto shotgun, rim fire to shoot up in the local woods. Eddie used to shoot on Nantyr Estate which was a big pheasant & duck shoot, run by his uncle who was the Head Gamekeeper and second generation of keepers.

As Eddie was getting older, he used to go lamping with Wayne (childhood friend) and his uncle off another big shooting estate, from there it's been in his blood ever since. Later on in Eddie's life he converted a chapel into a house on the Nantyr Estate and began carrying out varmint control & lamping on a regular basis after the main predator, THE RED FOX.

Over the yrs Eddie has gained the trust of many private shoots ,free range chicken farms, and sheep farmers. After years of experience and knowing the land inside and out, he has fine-tuned his field craft. Once Eddie started using the FoxPro, he was hooked with this method of hunting. Instead of going after the fox, they came to him. Since then he has never looked back

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