Francois Marais

Years Hunting
Windhoek, Khomas Region
Favorite FOXPRO Sound
Lightning Jack
Favorite FOXPRO Unit
Weapon of Choice
243 Ackl Improved
Favorite Species to Hunt
Black back Jackal
Favorite Location
Francois Marais was born in southern Namibia, Africa. With previous generations of his family all hunters, it was not long for him to take up hunting, upgrading from pellet to .22 and later to bigger calibers. Shooting his first Springbuck at age 6 with a 243 Win, this caliber much became his weapon of choice, for predator control and normal plains game hunting throughout his life.\r\nHe was introduced to predator calling in 1997 by a friend, and being a sheep farmer in a farming community, took to it head over heels. Only using mouth calls in the beginning but upgrading to FOXPRO callers in 2002, importing them himself from Foxpro direct.\r\nHe immediately saw the quality in the product line and up to date has used no other electronic caller but a FOXPRO, upgrading each year to the new model to keep up, and make use of, the newest and best technology and improvements.\r\nToday he is an accomplished predator caller, operation out of Windhoek, Namibia, servicing farms throughout the country, calling in the various species of predators found in Namibia, but mainly Black Back Jackal en Caracal, making use of a Foxpro Shockwave caller and a 243 Win Ackley Improved Custom gun.\r\nFrancois is very proud to be part of the whole FOXPRO family, and hopes to be an ambassador for FOXPRO for many years to come.\r\n