Jay Nistetter

Years Hunting
Glendale, AZ
Favorite FOXPRO Sound
Lightening Jack/Angry Jack
Favorite FOXPRO Unit
Weapon of Choice
Rem 243 + Bushmaster 450
Favorite Species to Hunt
Coyote and Everything else
Favorite Location
I started calling coyotes quite a number of years ago and considering myself as a "Recreational Caller", I have managed to rack up a fairly large number of predatory animals over the years. I'd be out deer hunting and end up calling coyotes. I'd go quail hunting and end up calling coyotes instead. The scenario was the same for everything I hunted. If I tagged out early, there I'd sit calling bobcat or fox. Known to many as "Uncle Jay", I began making hand calls in the 80's and started "Rhino Calls" in 1990.

Friend Al Lux pressured me into writing a book about collecting predator calls. The project took 2-1/2 years to finish and was published in October of 2002. The book, Predator Calls, The First 50 Years, has become a benchmark for anyone interested in collecting old predator calls.

Friend Byron South was responsible for convincing me to produce a predator calling video. When the project was started, it was quickly discovered that much of the video clips I used in occasional seminars could not be used in a commercial DVD venture. August of 2004 saw the release of "Coyote Behavior". This DVD has since been awarded a gold medal by Independent Film and Video Makers in 2006. Many key phrases have sprung from this video as well as spin-offs on style and format.

I saw a need for hunting videos made especially with children in mind so in January of 2006 I released "Interview With A Coyote Plus FB's Coyote Rodeo" whose main characters were a talking teddy bear named FB (FOXPRO Bear) and a talking coyote named Tank. The bear and coyote were a great hit with kids and adults alike. One day I was talking to friend Ronnie Robison and Ronnie mentioned "Outdoor Bear" in casual conversation. Another video was produced in September 2006 called "Outdoor Bear Adventures, CCSI -- Coyote Down" filmed, edited and produced by Jay Nistetter and Byron South.

Anyone who has ever hunted with me, read my articles, book or viewed any of my videos learn first hand that the single most important aspect about calling predators is that "Fun" is the order of the day.

Anyone can hunt coyotes, but not everyone can call coyotes. FOXPRO changes that premise because of their penchant for reliable, quality, state-of-the-art calling units supplemented with a vast, high quality sound library. Combined with features of small size, light weight, attractive finishes, easy operation and expandability; you will find nothing better. If that isn't enough to convince you to own your very own FOXPRO, then their customer service should. It is second to none.

It is a distinct honor to be included in the fraternity of the FOXPRO Field Staff.

They Always Stop. They Always Do.