Kyle Crickenberger

Years Hunting
Forest, VA
Favorite FOXPRO Sound
Cottontail 1
Favorite FOXPRO Unit
Weapon of Choice
Ar 6x6.8
Favorite Species to Hunt
Favorite Location
Kyle Crickenberger was born and raised in Goode, VA. He currently lives in Forest, VA with his wife Chelsey and his daughter Raelynn. Kyle has been hunting his entire life. He started at the early age of three, deer and turkey hunting with his father. By the age of seven Kyle’s passion for hunting had grown into an addiction. While growing up whitetails and long beards had Kyle’s attention until he received a predator call as a Christmas gift.

At the age of twelve Kyle went on his first predator hunt. Not being familiar with the sport, Kyle headed out one December night with a couple buddies. All they had was a coon light with a red pop cover and a rifle. After calling for about ten minutes with cottontail distress Kyle and his buddies saw a set of glowing eyes headed in towards them. After making the shot, Kyle recovered a 32lb. male bobcat and was hooked! From then on all Kyle could think about was predator hunting. He spent the next several years calling in foxes and bobcats.

In 2011 Kyle began hosting and competing in local predator calling contests. He said that the calling contests are what really had him hooked and by 2013 he had put deer and turkey on the back burner and spent his time calling predators. Recently, Kyle has started hunting with night vision and thermal and spends three to four nights a week calling. He has since expanded his hunting territory and now travels with his buddies filming predators across the country, seeking to capture the best night vision predator hunting footage.\r\n