Nathan Spencer

Years Hunting
Midland, TX
Favorite FOXPRO Sound
Jackrabbit Distress
Favorite FOXPRO Unit
Weapon of Choice
Remington 700 Varmint 22-250
Favorite Species to Hunt
Favorite Location
West Texas
Nathan Spencer was born in Chickasaw, Oklahoma and currently resides in Midland TX. Nathan grew up chasing Whitetail and running greyhounds catching coyotes with his dad and grandad. Over the years Nathan has become an avid archery hunter and has taken many Pope N Young Whitetails, Elk, and other big game animals but his true passion is calling coyotes in West Texas.

Nathan became serious about calling coyotes at the age of 16 with his hunting partner Casey Smith. Casey built a single seat high rack copied from Randy Watson and Mike Smith design “The Kings of night hunting” in his opinion. Together they began entering every calling contest across the state of Texas and perfected the art of calling and killing coyotes and cats. From the time the leaves fall off in late November to the end of March Nathan is either hunting a contest or guiding customers from around the world. He has won over 80 calling contest across the state of Texas and gives Foxpro credit to his success. Nathan says no other call can match the sound quality and versatility of FoxPro calls. His personal favorite is the shockwave unit, it has plenty of volume for the West Texas wind and the clarity and call section’s is next to none.