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Replacement 4 AA battery holder. This battery holder is designed to fit the following FOXPRO game call models: 38, 44, 48, 416, 532, ZR2, XR6, Spitfire, Wildfire 1, Wildfire 2, Inferno, and Patriot.

The holder can be used as a replacement for those who have lost, misplaced, or damaged their original battery holder. It can also be used to keep fresh or fully-charged batteries on standby in case you need to do a fast change-out in the field.

What's in the box?

14 AA Battery Holder

4 AA Battery Holder Apparel Item

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4 AA Battery Holder (5 stars)
Anonymous in Unknown Location on Feb 12, 2018
No comments to share.
4 AA Battery Holder (5 stars)
Bryan in Indiana on Jan 28, 2018

Good price... Great delivery speed

4 AA Battery Holder (5 stars)
Goose Slayer in SW PA on Dec 28, 2017

I was very glad to be able to purchase a new replacement battery holder since I made the error of allowing the batteries to sit way too long in the call. I bought a backup holder while I was at it to be able to have a set ready to go if the batteries died during a hunt. Being able to simply unplug the battery pack and switch is a great thought through design for operation as well as maintenance. Great going folks!

4 AA Battery Holder (5 stars)
Anonymous in Unknown Location on Dec 21, 2017

Great product..fit perfect

4 AA Battery Holder (5 stars)
Anonymous in Nw usa on Nov 19, 2017

Service was easy, prompt, and solved my problem created by a leaking battery.

4 AA Battery Holder (5 stars)
Daniel in Fremont NC on Aug 28, 2017

These guys were great. Didn't have to go through a bunch of department selections. One person answered my question and placed my order. Standard shipping got it to me within 3 days.

4 AA Battery Holder (5 stars)
Robert Norton in Gadner Kansas on Aug 05, 2017

Fast delivery and was exactly what I needed. Works perfect and no problems at all

4 AA Battery Holder (4 stars)
Anonymous in North West washington on Apr 19, 2017

I bought the new battery holder because there was corrosion on the original and my call wouldn't work and it still won't work even with the new battery holder so I will need to buy another call

4 AA Battery Holder (5 stars)
Anonymous in North Texas on Feb 02, 2017

I ordered a 4 battery tray for my FoxPro. Works like a new one now. It shipped promptly, and arrived when stated.

4 AA Battery Holder (5 stars)
Dave Estevens in CT on Nov 20, 2016

Great, easy to change out when you need new battaries in the field you don't lose a beat.