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Turn your current FOXPRO Fusion or Crossfire digital game call into an all-inclusive and portable predator calling machine.

Simply replace the existing battery door with the FoxJack 4, attach the connector from the decoy to the connector in your Fusion or Crossfire digital game call, and you're ready to go. The FoxJack 4 comes with a bird topper (which resembles a woodpecker) and a whisper-quiet motor. Use the FoxJack 4 to add realism to give predators the visual confirmation that they are looking for. The FoxJack 4 can be controlled remotely with your FOXPRO Fusion or Crossfire digital game call (game call sold separately). The auxiliary button on your FOXPRO Fusion or Crossfire remote control starts and stops the action of the FoxJack 4.

Feature Highlights

  • Conveniently attaches directly to your FOXPRO Fusion or Crossfire digital game call (game call not included).
  • Whisper-quiet motor.
  • Improved motion for great action and realism.
  • LED for night time use.
  • Can be controlled remotely with your Fusion or Crossfire remote's aux button (remote not included).
  • Entices predators with the visual confirmation they're looking for.
  • Comes standard with the bird topper which resembles a woodpecker.
  • Proudly made in the USA!

What's in the box?

Fox Jack 4 Accessory Item

Compatible ProductsFusion, Crossfire
Weight1.50 lbs.
Warranty90 Days, Limited2

1 Run times vary depending upon volume level, number of speakers being used (including external), temperature, and sound density. FOXPRO recommends the use of high-capacity rechargeable NiMH batteries for the best overall performance. Please note that alkaline cells are not recommended for use in temperatures below 32°F/0°C.

2 Limited warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, exposure to water, battery damage including leaked batteries, and all other forms of physical damage.

3 Optimal range is had by ensuring clear line-of-sight between the game call and transmitter and elevating the game call off of the ground approximately 3 feet. Your results may vary.

What's in the box?

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User Reviews


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Fox Jack 4 (1 stars)
Anonymous in Colorado on Feb 02, 2018

Only worked for about a week then it stopped working

Fox Jack 4 (3 stars)
Mike in Southeast USA on Jan 25, 2018

Nice and quiet. It will bring in owls and hawks so be prepared for that. My only complaint is with the connections to the call. The male connect in the call body is held in place by a strip of tape. After some use the tape will fail and need to be replaced. The wires on female connect on the decoy are very thin. You cannot unplug the decoy without pulling on the wires. They will eventually break. If you are good with a solder iron you can repair them, if not the cost of sending it back for repair will probably be more than buying a new decoy. If Foxpro could make the connections more durable I would rate it a 5.

Fox Jack 4 (5 stars)
Sonny Pruitt in Central Virginia on Dec 07, 2017

I had been doing alot of research on calling bobcats this year. The bobcat was going to be my target animal as much as possible. I had hunted them several times in the past using decoys, like a simple piece of fur or feather near or wrapped around my FoxPro caller. Most every article I read while doing this research mentioned the importance of motion in regards to a decoy. So finally I broke down and went to a local sporting goods store that carries alot of FoxPro products and luckily they had the FoxJack 4 in stock for my Fusion. I bought it on a Sunday afternoon planning to use it on the following afternoon for a bobcat. I had a spot in mind that the farmer had seen one earlier in the week. I put the caller in a two track trail approximately 80 yds down the trail, downhill from me. LITERALLY within three minutes I had a huge bobcat running full tilt, not stalking, but running as hard as he could to the caller and decoy. One dead Bobcat. Motion is essential.

Fox Jack 4 (4 stars)
Robert Cappelli in Texas on Feb 27, 2017

Great integration to call body. Works great and definitely triggers the prey drive in predators. Only complaint is the decoy topper will not stay on and I am constantly losing it and having to buy a new one. The constantly replacing is why I give 4 STARS

Fox Jack 4 (5 stars)
Michael in Unknown Location on Jan 27, 2017

Great product. Great service. Timely delivery. Thx!

Fox Jack 4 (5 stars)
Mindy in Vermont on Jan 07, 2017

Works great! Even got picked off by an owl and was able to put it back on! Called in a double and 5 owls! Awesome product!

Fox Jack 4 (5 stars)
Aaron Roberts in Texas on Dec 27, 2016

I am a custom rifle builder and take my time on the range and in the field extremely seriously. I have use predator calls for years, but I have never had success like I have now with the FoxPro system. The sound will get predators interested and may bring them 90% of the way, but it's that last 10% that counts. The visual cue that the predator receives from the Fox Jack is what pulls them that last 10%. It's what gets them to commit and give you the chance to harvest them. I will never use another system.

Fox Jack 4 (5 stars)
YOTSLYR in Northern Nevada on Dec 10, 2016

Love my fox Jack 4

Fox Jack 4 (5 stars)
Pete Soden in New Jersey on Aug 18, 2015
The new foxjack 4 is the best decoy yet that foxpro has produced. Easy hook up, no external wires or cables and super quiet motor.


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