Turkey Pro

Digital Game Call

Features the TX433 transmitter.
Comes with 45 sounds.




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The FOXPRO TurkeyPro gives you the ultimate advantage while chasing down that elusiveol' tom. The unit comes with 28 turkey sounds, 17 predator sounds, and holds 300sounds total. The TurkeyPro uses a single, high-efficiency Mylar cone speaker. Connectan external speaker to the jack on the side of the call for even more volume. In turkeyhunting, it is common for that gobbler to hang up on you. Additional TurkeyPros can beplaced strategically behind you to coax that gobbler into your range. The system controlsup to 3 TurkeyPro units from one remote for directional advantage.

The TurkeyPro remote features an elastomeric keypad for effortless use, even with gloves. It also has category files for easy navigation through sounds. The remote has a power on/off switch, volume up/down buttons, scroll up/down buttons, a mute, and much more.

The TurkeyPro is backed by a 3 year limited warranty, FOXPRO's unmatched customer support, and is proudly made in the USA!

Please be aware that not all states allow the use of an electronic call for turkey hunting. You will need to contact you local Game Commission to check the legalities in your state.

Feature Highlights

  • Comes with 28 turkey sounds, and 17 predator sounds (Holds 300 sounds)
  • Full-function remote with LED display
  • External speaker jack
  • Auxiliary jack
  • Operate up to 3 Turkey Pro units from one remote control for directional advantage
  • Rugged housing straps to a tree to get the sound away from you
  • Single, high-efficiency, Mylar cone speaker
  • Power/Low battery indicator
  • Operates on 8 'AA' Batteries
  • USB port to reprogram sounds


The table below has item numbers and descriptions corresponding to the imagesdisplayed to the right. This is to help you become familiar with the TurkeyPro andthe features.

1Power on/off switch
2Pilot LED
3Auxiliary jack
4External speaker jack
5Charge Jack
6Jack cover
BuckPro Overview


The table below has item numbers and descriptions corresponding to the image displayed to the right. This is to help you become familiar with the TX433 and the features.

1Power on/off
3Volume up & down
4User 1
5Lanyard loop
7User 2
8Scroll up/down
10Elapsed timer
12Volume level
13Mute status indicator
14Radio channel indicator
15Battery indicator
16Telescopic antenna
17Sound upload jack

What's in the box?

BuckPro Box

1TurkeyProTurkeyPro Unit
1TX433 Transmitter
18 AA Battery Holder
45Premium FOXPRO Sounds
Preinstalled on unit at factory.
13.5mm Stereo Cable
1Product Manual
1Warranty Registration Form

Turkey Pro Digital Game Call

Dimensions7.5" x 3.75" x 5"
Weight1.50 lbs.
Speakers(1) Cone speaker
Manual OperationNo
Play ModesRepeat, Single, Jukebox
Charge JackYes
External Speaker Jack(s)(1) 3.5mm
Auxiliary Device Jack(1) 3.5mm
User ReprogrammableYes
USB Portmini-USB 2.0
Sound Capacity300 (comes with 45)
Internal Memory4GB
File Compatability16B, FXP, MP3, WAV
Power8 AA batteries
Run Time3-7 hours1
Warranty3 Years, Limited2
ReleasedFebruary 2018

TX433 Transmitter

Operating Distance>200 yards3
Dimensions8.5" x 3.5" x 1"
Favorites/Presets10, user configurable
Sound List ViewCategories or sound list
Lanyard LoopYes
Illuminated ButtonsNo
USB PortNo
Power9V Battery
Warranty3 years, limited2

1 Run times vary depending upon volume level, number of speakers being used (including external), temperature, and sound density. FOXPRO recommends the use of high-capacity rechargeable NiMH batteries for the best overall performance. Please note that alkaline cells are not recommended for use in temperatures below 32°F/0°C.

2 Limited warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, exposure to water, battery damage including leaked batteries, and all other forms of physical damage.

3 Optimal range is had by ensuring clear line-of-sight between the game call and transmitter and elevating the game call off of the ground approximately 3 feet. Your results may vary.

WARNING: This product may contain lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Reccommended Accessories

8 AA NiMH Battery Kit

For optimum performance, FOXPRO recommends the use of rechargeable batteries for powering your game calls. This kit includes 8 'AA' low-self-discharge rechargeable NiMH batteries and a standard 120VAC wall charger.


  View Product

Fast Car Charger

This charger connects to a 12V cigarette lighter port and provides a full charge of (8 AA) NiMH batteries in three hours or less. Available separately is the Fast Charger AC Wall Adapter which will allow you to charge your batteries on standard 110V (household current).


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This premium lanyard is perfect for wearing around your neck and securing your transmitter, plus six hand calls in the field. Note: transmitter and hand calls not included.


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Tripod Bracket (with screws)

Tripod Bracket for use with the BuckPro, Turkey Pro and Moose Elk Pro. This item will also come with two screws for mounting to the back side of the caller.


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Coyote Brown Carrying Case NEW ITEM

The FOXPRO Carry Bag is specifically designed to fit the X1, X2s, and X24 (all with mounted X-Decoy). It will also fit all other FOXPRO game calls (except all Prairie Blaster models, Shockwave, XWAVE, and all Krakatoa models).


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User Reviews


 8 total reviews

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Turkey Pro
(4 stars)
Turkey Tom in NC on Dec 16, 2021
Great sound but took longer to ship that stated on Wed site.
Turkey Pro
(5 stars)
Taras in Seattle WA on Aug 30, 2021
Speaker quality and sound are excellent. Is compact and fits well into a backpack. I hope this does not get discontinued because my Fusion is excellent but very bulky for a backpack. Custom sound list very good, remote is not as fancy as my Fusion but is good.
Turkey Pro
(5 stars)
Fox pro fan in Unknown Location on May 11, 2021
Awesome product!!! Killed a 9 1/2 inch Bearded Gobbler!
Turkey Pro
(4 stars)
Robert K. in Poland Maine on Apr 16, 2021
Great product durable and easy to use. Only reason not a 5 star review is that it didn't come with predator sounds like it says it does
Turkey Pro
(5 stars)
Harold in Alabama on Feb 24, 2021
Its not Turkey Season yet (not here in Alabama) but the call functions perfectly. Each call has natural variations in it - so if you're not an expert turkey caller (I'm not) this takes away the guesswork. The remote speaker gets the sound away from you.
Turkey Pro
(5 stars)
Rick L. in Midwest, U.S.A. on May 26, 2020
Love the product, works great
Turkey Pro
(4 stars)
Lance in Canada on Feb 26, 2020
just received it. Playing with it in my house so far sounds amazing. Can’t wait to try it in the field.
Turkey Pro
(5 stars)
Andrew Long in Southwest Iowa on Nov 14, 2019
Compact, portable, effective! Can it include the charging cable? Hoping to find natural sounds, like squirrel bark, blue jay alarm, or the turkey purr overset with leave scratching, etc.. Much like the new combo calls like yote and fawn or breeding sequence. A scampering vole chased down and pinned commotion in the background. Programming is a bit confusing and would like to have the ability to make it more personalized. Thank You for your continued quality products.
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