Features the TX1000 transmitter.
Comes with 100 sounds.
Also features an additional 100+ FREE sounds from FOXPRO's Free Sound Library.



Usually ships in 5-7 business days.
International orders may take additional processing time.
PA residents, add 6% sales tax (excluding apparel).

The FOXPRO X24 is a powerful and compact unit that features a positional Xtreme High Definition (XHD) speaker. The XHD speaker is a horn speaker with an added tweeter for improved frequency response. The XHD speaker system allows for extreme volume capabilities and realistic sound clarity. The X24's handle folds out into a positional stand to provide elevation over various terrains that you might encounter. There is 1 external speaker jack if you desire even more volume, an auxiliary jack to connect an approved device such as a Jack Predator Decoy, and a charge jack. The X24 comes with 100 high-quality FOXPRO sounds and over 100 sounds from FOXPRO's Free Sound Library, with the ability to store and access up to 1000 sounds. The X24 comes complete with a lithium battery and charger kit in the box! The TX-1000 features a full color graphic LCD screen, which displays your sound list or sound categories. It also has a barometer indicator, moon phase indicator, temperature indicator, battery level indicator, timer or time clock, FOXBANG technology and much more. FOXMotion allows you to fade the sound from the left speakers to the right speakers to help "sell" the reality of your call sounds. FOXCast allows you to play a pre-set custom sequence to include your favorite sounds, volume levels, and even pauses. FOXData allows you to record real time information from each and every stand so you can access the data for future reference. The X24 is backed by a 5 year limited warranty and FOXPRO's unmatched customer support and is proudly made in the USA.

Feature Highlights

  • FOXBANG Automatically maps your caller to a predetermined setting after discharging your firearm. (See instruction manual for FOXBANG options.)
  • FOXMOTION Mimic moving prey by fading sound from left speaker to right one.
  • FOXDATA Activate FOXDATA and it records real time information (temp, barometer, moon phase, stand duration, shot time) from each stand. Over time you will be able to predict animal activity/hunting success based on hard data.
  • FOXCAST Virtually hands-free calling with FOXCAST sequence files.
  • AUTO VOLUME Automatically ramps up and modulates your volume.

Product Videos


What's in the box?

image of the X24

1 X24
1 Lithium Battery and Charger image of the lithium battery and charger
100 href="https://www.gofoxpro.com/resources/downloads/foxpro-sound-lists/standard-list-x24.pdf">Premium
FOXPRO SoundsPreinstalled on unit at factory. If ordering direct, you can pick out the 100
sounds. Otherwise, you will receive a standard selection.
image of the foxpro sounds icons
100 plus FREE FOXPRO
Preinstalled on unit at factory.
image of the foxpro sounds icons
1 TX1000
alt="image of the TX1000">
1 href="https://www.gofoxpro.com/resources/downloads/product-manuals/foxpro-x24.pdf">Product Manual
1 Warranty Registration

Factory Sound List

This table shows the standard sound list for this product.
Column one shows the sound position within the list start from 000. Column two shows the sound name. Column three shows the FOXPRO sound library reference.
Position Sound Name Sound ID
000 Coyote Yips 101
001 Coyote Group Yip Howls C25
002 Yipping Coyotes C32
003 Male Coyote Howls C34
004 Coyote Female Sore Howls C40
005 Female Coyote Deep Howls C29
006 Male Coyote Long Howl 1 C33
007 Female Coyote Bark Howls C15
008 Coyote Pair C26
009 Female Coyote Long Howls 1 C19
010 Female Coyote Long Howls 2 C20
011 Female Coyote Challenge C24
012 Female Yodel Howl C28
013 Coyote Male Barks C30
014 Coyote Pair Yip Howls C31
015 Female Coyote Challenge Barks C23
016 Coyote Male Challenge Scream 185
017 Troubled Coyote 103
018 Fem Coyote Sub C35
019 Female Coyote Whimpers C17
020 Coyote Pup Screams C22
021 Coyote Pup Distress 3 C27
022 Gray Fox Distress 224
023 Scream-N Gray Fox 226
024 Platinum Grey Fox Pup C85
025 Baby Red Fox Distress 1 C75
026 Red Fox Distress 227
027 Red Fox Pups C79
028 Red Fox Rally 221
029 Mt. Lion In Heat 370
030 Mt. Lion Whistle 373
031 Lone Wolf 320
032 Wolf Pair Howl 324
033 Aggressive Bobcat 380
034 Canine Pups 1 C00
035 Canine Pups 2 C01
036 Baying Hounds C03
037 Kitten Cries F00
038 Kitten Distress 2 F02
039 Lightning Jack L00
040 Jackrabbit Distress 233
041 White Tailed Jack L11
042 Devil Hare L10
043 Eastern Cottontail L57
044 Bay Bee Cottontail 2 L64
045 Adult Cottontail L55
046 Cagie Cottontail L58
047 Lil Rabbit L53
048 CF Cottontail L56
049 Lils Cottontail L59
050 Snow Shoe High Pitch L06
051 Snow Shoe 1 L03
052 Raspy Woodpecker B00
053 Weep-N Woodpecker B01
054 Woodpecker B09
055 Hairy Woodpecker 2 B06
056 Finch Distress B70
057 Wood Ducklings B78
058 Cranky Male Cardinal B84
059 Blue Jay Distress B75
060 Titmouse Tantrum B85
061 Nutty Nuthatch B86
062 Ranting Red Bird B87
063 Lucky Bird 290
064 Flying Squirrel Distress R02
065 Vole Squeaks R07
066 Field Mouse Distress R10
067 Rodent Distress 249
068 Prairie Dog Distress 247
069 Groundhog Distress 242
070 Guinea Pig 2 R01
071 Baby Porcupine N50
072 Distressed Calf M07
073 Lost Sheep 258
074 Baby Pig Distress H03
075 Juvenile Pig Dist H04
076 Lil Piggy H20
077 Kid Goat Cries 2 M00
078 Whitetail Yng Dst D06
079 Whitetail Buck Fawn 2 D02
080 Antelope Fawn Cry D55
081 Elk Calf Distress D30
082 Bear Cub Distress 1 253
083 Crow Fight 270
084 Dying Crow 275
085 Crow & Hawk Fight 276
086 Crows 280
087 Crows 2 B52
088 Magpies B50
089 Raven Flock 533
090 Raccoon Fight N02
091 Twittering Raccoon N03
092 Young Raccoon Distress N04
093 Raccoon Pup N07
094 Raccoon Puppies N08
095 Elk Chuckle D31
096 Elk Calves 404
097 Bugle-M-In D32
098 Courting Bugles D34
099 Moose Grunts D45
100 F_Cals Fed Siren 160
101 F_Siren 2 161
102 AM Coyote Yips and Whimpers 659
103 F_Coyote Lonesome Howl 189
104 F_Female Invitation 2 188
105 F_Coyote Hurt Pup 179
106 F_Interrogation Howl 187
107 F_Coyote KIYI 218
108 F_Coyote Male Challenge 212
109 F_Coyote Pup Distress 1 209
110 F_Female Invitation 2 188
111 F_Interrogation Howl 187
112 F_Lone Howl 186
113 F_MM Adult KiYi 560
114 F_MM Coyote Bark Growls 553
115 F_MM Coyote Barks 554
116 F_MM Coyote Challenge 555
117 F_MM Coyote Challenge Howl 556
118 F_MM Coyote Growls 557
119 F_MM Coyote Pup Howl 552
120 F_MM Dog Brawl 558
121 F_MM Passive Coyote Howl 551
122 F_MM Young KiYi 559
123 MM Coyote Cries 584
124 MM Coyote Pup Dist 585
125 MM Coyote Pup Howl 2 586
126 MM Coyote Whimpers 2 588
127 MM Coyote Whimpers 587
128 MM Red Fox Barks 591
129 MM Red Fox Gekkering 592
130 MM Red Fox Howl 593
131 MM Red Fox Squall 594
132 MM Vixen Mating 595
133 MM Vixen 596
134 F_Bobcat in Heat 230
135 F_MM Cottontail Distress 565
136 F_MM Jackrabbit Distress 566
137 F_MM Pileated Woodpecker 569
138 F_Chirping Coaxer 515
139 F_Crazy Critter 120
140 F_Fox Whistle 519
141 F_Freaky Squeaks 518
142 F_High Freq Squeak 517
143 F_Javelinas Demise 121
144 F_Kiss of Death 250
145 F_Luscious Lips 516
146 F_Mouse Squeaker 514
147 F_Squirrel Barks 501
148 F_MM Barn Cat Distress 564
149 F_MM Hurt N Hog 568
150 F_MM Kittens 563
151 F_MM Lamb Distress 567
152 MM Lamb and Sheep 589
153 MM Lamb Distress 2 590
154 AM Bugles 658
155 AM Cow Calf 2 651
156 F_MM Raccoon Fight 562
157 AM Cow Calf 650
158 AM Estrus Cow Calf 653
159 AM Long Range Locator 654
160 AM Small Bull with Big Bull 657
161 AM Spike with Estrus Cow 656
162 AM Spike with Estrus Cow 656
163 F_Antler Rattling 201
164 F_Buck Fight 200
165 F_Buck Grunts 202
166 F_Buck Snort Whz 205
167 F_Doe Estrous Bleat 203
168 F_Doe Estrus Bleats 415
169 F_Elk Calf 402
170 F_Elk Estrous 401
171 F_Hyper Moose Cow 196
172 F_Light Sparring 199
173 Mature Buck Grunts 416
174 F_MM Buck Roar 578
175 F_MM Mature Buck Grunt 577
176 F_MM Moose Calf 1 570
177 F_MM Moose Calf 2 571
178 F_MM Tending Grunt Finish 576
179 F_MM Tending Grunt 575
180 F_MM Young Buck Grunt 574
181 F_Moose Bull 191
182 F_Moose Cow 3 194
183 F_Moose Cow 1 263
184 F_Moose OOH-WAH 262
185 F_Moose Rattling 264
186 F_Moose Thrashing 190
187 F_Moose Urinating 192
188 Rattle 421
189 Rutting Buck 418
190 Snort Wheeze 2 420
191 Snort Wheeze 419
192 F_Tending Grunt 204
193 The Chase 422
194 Young Buck Grunts 417
195 MM Breeding Sequence 579
196 MM Buck Grunting 580
197 MM Doe Bleats 581
198 MM Frustrated Buck 582
199 MM Mat Buck Grunts 583
200 F_MM Baby Raccoon Distress 561
201 F_MM Raccoon Fight 562
202 F_MM Lone Wolf 550
203 F_Crow+Owl Fight 277
204 F_MM Crow Distress 572
205 F_MM Crows 573
206 F_Ugly Crow 273
207 F_Barred Owl 282
208 F_Excited Hen Yelps 450
209 F_Fighting Purrs 455
210 F_Flydown Cackle 288
211 F_KEE KEE 287
212 F_Lost Hen 286
213 F_Raspy Hen Yelps 452
214 F_Tree Yelps 453
215 F_Turkey Cuts 454
216 F_Turkey Purrs 289
217 F_Young Hen Yelps 451
218 F_Blue Winged Teal 140
219 F_Canada Geese Large Flock 132
220 F_Can Gse Cmbck 1 304
221 F_Can Gse Cmbck 2 305
222 F_Can Gse Cmbck 3 306
223 F_Can Gse Lydwn 1 309
224 F_Can Gse Lydwn 2 310
225 F_Can Gse Lydwn 3 312
226 F_Can Gse Lydwn 4 313
227 F_Gadwall 141
228 F_Green Wing Teal 315
229 F_Mallard Chatter 142
230 F_Mallard Comeback 143
231 F_Mallard Drake 144
232 F_Mallard Feed Call 145
233 F_Mallard Greeting 146
234 F_Pinteal Whistle 314
235 F_Snow Goose Dbl 303
236 F_Snow Goose Hail 302
237 F_Snow Goose Single 299
238 F_Snow Gs Lrg Flock 301
239 F_Snw Goose Sml Flk 147
240 F_Spckl Belly Clkng 148
241 F_Spckle Bel Cmbck 317
242 F_Spckle Bel Greet 318
243 F_Widgeon 316
244 F_Wood Duck Squeal 149
245 F_Wood Duck Whine 150
246 Help PS1

X24 Digital Game Call

Table showing specifications related to the game call. The features are listed vertically in the left column and the corresponding values are shown in the right column.
Dimensions8.25" x 11.5" x 10.5"
Weight5.00 lbs.
Speakers(1) Horn speaker
(1) Tweeter
Manual OperationNo
Play ModesSingle, Jukebox, Repeat
Charge JackYes
External Speaker Jack(s)(1) 3.5mm
Auxiliary Device Jack(1) 3.5mm
User ReprogrammableYes
USB PortUSB 2.0 A/B
Sound Capacity1,000 (Comes with 100, plus over 100 additional sounds from FOXPRO's Free Sound Library)
Internal Memory16GB
File CompatabilityMP3, WAV, FXP and 24B (24B playback)
Power(lithium kit included)
Run Time3-7 Hours1
Warranty5 Years, Limited2
ReleasedSeptember 2019

TX1000 Transmitter

Table showing specifications related to transmitter. The features are listed vertically in the left column and the corresponding values are shown in the right column.
Operating Distance>300 yards under ideal conditions3
Industry leading remote control range
Dimensions3.18" x 1.17" x 8.78"
Sound List ViewCategories, Single List
Lanyard LoopYes
Illuminated ButtonsYes
USB Portmini-USB
Power3AA Batteries (Not Included)
Warranty5 Years, Limited2

1 Run times vary depending upon volume level, number of speakers being used (including external), temperature, and sound density. FOXPRO recommends the use of a high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery pack (included with this item) for the best overall performance. Please note that alkaline cells are not recommended for use in temperatures below 32°F/0°C.

2 Limited warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, exposure to water, battery damage including leaked batteries, and all other forms of physical damage.

3 Optimal range is had by ensuring clear line-of-sight between the game call and transmitter and elevating the game call off of the ground approximately 3 feet. Your results may vary.

WARNING: This product may contain lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Reccommended Accessories


IMPORTANT NOTE Please note that you are purchasing only the decoy. The image shown with the Game Call is used only for reference of how the decoy mounts to the X-Series Game Calls.


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XD8 Lanyard

The XD8 Lanyard from FOXPRO keeps your favorite predator calls and remote organized and easily accessible while hunting. Attach your remote with the new hassle-free swivel connection and add up to six hand calls with the tier loop design.


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Coyote Brown Carrying Case

The FOXPRO Carry Bag is specifically designed to fit the X1, X2s, and X24 (all with mounted X-Decoy). It will also fit all other FOXPRO game calls (except all Prairie Blaster models, Shockwave, XWAVE, and all Krakatoa models).


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User Reviews


 56 total reviews

All submitted user reviews are displayed below. Scroll down to view all. To submit your own review, please click here.

(5 stars)
Jeff Writer in Unknown Location on Jun 02, 24
Hands down, the best caller I have ever used. Plenty of volume and the legs are handy. Very high quality.
(5 stars)
Jeremy in NW Oklahoma on Feb 16, 24
No comments to share.
(5 stars)
Seth in Kentucky on Jan 27, 24
Love the call. Sound quality is amazing, TX1000 remote is great. Call had an issue a couple months into owning but Foxpro has great customer service and stand behind their products. Got me up and running again ASAP.
(5 stars)
Brian in Wexford PA on Jan 22, 24
Bought an x24 and an x decoy. Love them both have had great results with both items. A couple of screws backed out of my decoy where they connect to the call. Emailed the company to ask for replacements and in a few days they arrived at my home. That’s what I call service. Wasn’t even their fault and they took care of me no questions asked!!!! They have a customer for life.
(4 stars)
Anonymous in Florida on Dec 21, 2023
The sound quality is great . Remote is great. what I don't like is they didn't engineer the body big enough to accommodate the 10 pack AA battery bank. If I hunt coyote at Montanna camp no power there, cannot recharge lithium bank. Also the on off switch easy to turn on and off. Cows mess with the call licking it turn it off. Traveling things can bump switch turn it on dead battery. Switch on Shockwave way better.
(5 stars)
Cody in Danese, WV on Feb 27, 2023
First night out hunting with this call was amazing. After only playing the call for around 5-10 mins with foxpro lil rabbit distress I had three coyotes come charging in so fast and hard all the way to the call that was only 40yrds away. Soon as they hit the call they scattered. An amazing experience and great product. Wish I was able to share the video of it on here!
(5 stars)
Anonymous in Maine, USA on Feb 13, 2023
Amazing all around quality, and great customer assistance !
(4 stars)
Anonymous in Unknown Location on Feb 09, 2023
Great sounding call but I guess a $5 usb cable was too much to ask for.
(5 stars)
Dan in Wisconsin on Feb 07, 2023
Works great on Coyote love the transmitter range. I used on a mature 5-year-Old whitetail this past year with bow. Hid in brush hit doe bleet once his curiosity got him to hang up for the shot.
(5 stars)
Josh in NW Missouri on Dec 26, 2022
Has worked very well already, called in multiple coyotes and lots of raccoons.
(5 stars)
Anonymous in Midwest on Nov 25, 2022
Brand new to coyote hunting. I got 4 in my first night and a double on my 2nd! Great call and it got there 3 days after i orderd
(5 stars)
Mike in Pa on Nov 07, 2022
Fantastic, crisp & clear vocals from this caller.
(5 stars)
James Vanderhoef in Central Michigan on Oct 21, 2022
Just like every other foxpro I own, this thing is amazing. The sounds are very crisp and loud. This is my 8th foxpro caller and i find i just cant seem to ever get rid of one. Very happy customer right here, yet again.
(5 stars)
Michael underwood in Central ohio on Oct 14, 2022
Great call! Called a dog first night using it.
(5 stars)
Jess in Havre, MT on Oct 10, 2022
Amazing call! Cons: 1. Fox Bang was super sensitive if I hit the remote it would activate (I need to work on the sensitivity settings) 2. Remote screen scratches super easy 3. FP needs to put a sound dampening coating on the remote (rubbery coating), it clicked when I was walking into the stand. But now I am just being picky Pros: Sound is 2nd to none on the X24. I've exclusively used the Lucky Duck Revolt and it's a great call, but the sound quality on the X24 is better. Remote range is phenomenal! Ran 5 stands the first day. 1. Called in 1 came and stuck her head in the call (literally 2 feet). She came from over a mile away 2. Called in a triple. All of them came from different directions to different sounds. 2 of the 3 came to within a few feet of call, 3rd was coming and saw me move. 3. Dry stand 4. Coyote put his head almost in call 5. Coyote came rolling in, but saw the truck (my bad) Great call great sound quality!
(5 stars)
Timmy Carr in Eastern, North Carolina on Sep 27, 2022
This being my 4th Foxpro e-caller, very impressed with the volume it produces. I get howls back at over 800+ yards away, so I know the volume is reaching out. The adjustable legs/carrying handles are great for setting up on uneven ground and different speaker angles.
(5 stars)
Gary Wheatley in Kentucky on Sep 15, 2022
This is my third Foxpro call and all I can say is wow! This call is awesome.
(5 stars)
Scott S. in Wyoming on Sep 02, 2022
Incredible sound quality and volume. Remote is the best out there !! Easy to use and love all the great features on the TX1000 WTG FOXPRO !!!
(5 stars)
Dave L. in USA on Mar 05, 2022
I have been hunting predators for over the decades and have seen the evolution of predator calls from the Circe handhelds, to tape cassettes, to upgraded renditions of Fox Pro electronic callers. First, the remote is a serious upgrade from Fox Pros' previous versions. Especially the navigation and ability to maintain dexterity when navigating/ selection while wearing hunting gloves. Also, the sound quality is so much more crisp and realistic. It is also engineered to hold up and have easy portability when packing to the location to the versatility for a stand set up.
(5 stars)
Anonymous in Unknown Location on Mar 03, 2022
Love the caller. Works great sounds great. Shipping was super slow and carry bag came ripped. Still wouldn’t buy anything else.
(5 stars)
Luke Richardson in Middle Georgia on Mar 02, 2022
This is my third Fox pro; my last two have been borrowed out to friends and not returned (because of the effectiveness of the products). Sounds quality continues to improve with each new Fox pro model and is considered excellent.
(4 stars)
larry baldwin in Penn. on Feb 03, 2022
Love the x24 this is my 4th fox pro caller. The sound is very clear and goes way louder then I need . I would have given it 5 stars if it was waterproof for the amount of money hunters spend on these calls i believe that it should be a given being that we hunt in all kinds of Inclimate weather Fox pro need to address this issue
(5 stars)
Anonymous in Tennessee on Jan 29, 2022
No comments to share.
(5 stars)
Wayne Garrett in Williamsport Ohio on Jan 17, 2022
Works better than expected. Loud and clear!!!! The remote is very nice. I really like the stand design. 👍🏻
(5 stars)
Nick Fulkerson Western KY in Unknown Location on Jan 09, 2022
Hands down best electronic call I have used. Called out a triple in under 3 minutes on my first stand with the x24.
(5 stars)
Luke in Kentucky on Jan 01, 2022
Great product
(4 stars)
Jeremiah D. in Pacific Northwest on Nov 21, 2021
The X24 should be 5 stars. It's loud, solidly built, and over a great caller. The remote takes some getting used to, though it's well designed. The reason I took off 1 star is the computer program to upload purchased calls. It needs a serious update. Also, considering the price, it should not allow duplicate sound files to be loaded. Update the computer interface and you'd have a 5 star product.
(5 stars)
Levi K Bradley in Grayson county on Nov 12, 2021
Haven’t got to use it much yet but great call easy to use an from watchin tooth an claw tv I’m more then sure this call will get the job done
(5 stars)
Ty in PA on Oct 27, 2021
I have always been a pretty big hand caller but always like to run a electronic game call also. This is my 3 foxpro and I can’t say I’m disappointed one bit. This call is super crisp when you play any sound at any volume. The first night I had the call out for PA season opener is produced a fox. Can’t say enough about the quality and dependability of the call they continue to make.
(5 stars)
Hayden in East Tennessee on Oct 17, 2021
No comments to share.
(5 stars)
Mike J in Northwest Indiana on Oct 06, 2021
Great sound! More volume than I expected. Love the built in adjustable stand to get the caller off of the ground!
(5 stars)
Anonymous in Unknown Location on Sep 17, 2021
Great sounds, pulls all kinds of critters in, remote is awesome to use.
(5 stars)
Dan in Wisconsin on Jun 12, 2021
Like the range of remote, easy to use. Simple set up base. Sound is as good as it gets !!!!!
(5 stars)
Mo in Phoenix, AZ on May 17, 2021
I’m loving this caller. I got it when my crossfire died. Wasn’t too sure about it at first. But now that I’ve used it for coyotes, I’m hooked. The coyotes seem to be hooked too. I’m not the biggest fan of the stand, I prefer a deployment bag. The TX1000 remote is awesome. Great job FoxPro.
(5 stars)
Scott S. in Wyoming on Apr 22, 2021
Incredible sound quality, remote functions are easy to use and display is easy to read, great volume and clarity !
(5 stars)
Michael S. in East Tennessee on Apr 14, 2021
One of the best if not the best electric call on the market. Works great for locating coyotes, turkey,or anything.
(5 stars)
Brian in Way down in the dirty south on Apr 06, 2021
The caller is great and much better than what I was using. I do wish that it had blue tooth capabilities but other than that I am really liking it. It has been the death of a few mature poodles already.
(5 stars)
Anonymous in Unknown Location on Apr 05, 2021
A great product from a well managed company. What nice folks to deal with.
(5 stars)
Venatic in Texas on Mar 18, 2021
The remote is the best I have ever used well designed and feature rich. Caller has plenty of volume and so far has been flawless
(5 stars)
Dennis Lee in Anson County, NC on Mar 03, 2021
Crystal clear sound! Best sounding call I have ever heard. Quality than can only be made in America. Very easy to use and the remote ties it all together. I also like that its easier to tote and set up than some of the other heavier and bulkier calls I've had in the past. The self stand option in my opinion is a huge plus.
(4 stars)
Tim in Wichita, Kansas on Feb 25, 2021
The quality of the product is amazing. After reviewing the manual, I found the remote was easy to navigate. The large display is easy to read. The sounds are amazing. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars at this point, is because I haven’t used it in the field yet.
(5 stars)
Chris in Virginia on Jan 31, 2021
Great call. Instructions on how to install new sounds on it could be a little more comprehend able. But the call is great. Love the carrying handle/stand. Loud and clear!!!
(5 stars)
Jason in Kansas on Jan 26, 2021
Best out there and best consumer service.
(5 stars)
Todd in Mid south USA on Jan 25, 2021
I’m very pleased with the X24. I’ve had good much better results with it than I did my previous call. It seems to be very high quality. The sounds are authentic and the remote has wonderful range.
(5 stars)
James g in Louisiana on Jan 03, 2021
Range and volume are great Easy to use
(5 stars)
Brent McRae in Montana on Dec 31, 2020
Speaker is very clear, even at higher volume. The remote though, is even better, the ease of reading is a big plus. Really pleased with the call and the success we're having.
(5 stars)
Jeff Funk in Southeast Ohio on Dec 30, 2020
hands down in my opinion the best call on the market. Sounds are clean and clear lifelike I recommend the x24 and most of all it’s a American made product thanks Foxpro
(5 stars)
Steve in Central Mo. on Sep 10, 2020
Remote easy for a non tech guy. Volume and clarity very good. Stand #1 raccoon distress, coon ran to speaker and knocked it over. Customer service outstanding.
(5 stars)
Jeff Writer in green forest, AR on Aug 04, 2020
I am old school, Ive used a CS24 for years and would not even talk to you about changing. I broke down and tried a X24. Best move I have ever made. This is hands down the best call I have ever used. The stand is very handy and improves the already very good remote range. Moving the battery charger to outside to where do you do not have to remove it to charge is very nice. Programming is faster and easier. The sound quality is excellent and will make your ears bleed it is so loud. Like the CS24 it is simple and all business. It has everything you need, and nothing you dont. Perfect call for a serious predator hunter.
(5 stars)
Erik Hammond in Huntington Vermont on Aug 04, 2020
The X24 is awesome ! Clarity is crystal clear and and is super load powerful 🇺🇸
(5 stars)
Robert Fernandes in Central California, USA on Jul 21, 2020
The clarity and lack of background noise is amazing. On my first try a nice coyote came in from 3/4 mile at full speed. May be luck but, i'm very impressed with the size power and quality of the sound of this unit.
(5 stars)
Cory Peavey in Carey, ID on Jun 19, 2020
A perfect tool to combat my predator deprivation problem! I was able to preload all the sheep, coyote, and wolf sounds I need. Lamb in distress sound even called in a couple mile deer. This is the one you want, with a rechargeable battery and enough sound volume to reach out.
(5 stars)
DC in Eastern USA on Mar 23, 2020
Crystal clear sound and very loud (1-40 volume). TX1000 remote is awesome and easy to use while keeping eyes on scanning. Speaker is compact and fits in the mandrake bag really well. Very happy with this unit.
(5 stars)
Snowman Mo in Unknown LocationAz on Mar 02, 2020
This call is AWESOME! I call a lot of foxes and bobcats and they seem to be more tone sensitive. The X24 has some great tones on the higher frequency calls. I don't really need the volume but my calls need to clear and the X24 fills that bill nicely.
(5 stars)
Dale in Bloomsburg , PA on Feb 25, 2020
This is the best call that I have used in 10 years of coyote hunting. I have tried other brands. Nothing compares to the sound quality of Foxpro. You will never need a louder speaker than this if your hunting in PA. It is very loud! I have all my presets at 20 for the volume. It goes to 40. Foxpro has the best customer service that I have ever delt with. This call is very mobile it packs very nice in my back pack. The remote is much better than the older Foxpro remotes. I do not have to have my readers on to see the menu. The range is not 100 yards as advertised. Maybe under the right circumstances it would reach 100 yards. I would say 50 yards your good. That’s the only down fall. I love it. Buy it you will not regret it.
(5 stars)
rk kroner in athens, ohio on Feb 10, 2020
The xwave sound is awesome. The coyotes respond like mad. It is easy to load extra sounds....