Bittersweet Pot Call

Hand Call

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FOXPRO's Bittersweet pot call is a two-in-one call which offers versatility and realistic sound. The Bittersweet pot call is made from Honey Locust wood, offered in glass over slate, and comes with a one-piece Purple Heart wood striker. The Bittersweet is a tip-over call, meaning you are able to make a sound on each surface of the call. This gives you a slate call and a glass call all in one. Produce BITTER cuts, clucks, and yelps on the glass side and SWEET purrs, puts, and tree yelps on the slate side. The Bittersweet pot call is proudly made in the USA.

  • Makes high-quality hen and turkey sound variations

  • Two-sided calling capabilities

  • Honey Locust wood pot

  • One-piece Purple Heart striker

  • Offered in glass over slate

  • Preconditioned calling surface

  • Proudly made in the USA


What's in the box?


Bittersweet Pot Call Hand Call

Weight1.00 lbs.
Sound PossibilitiesVariety of turkey sounds
Reed(s) Information
WarrantyLimited, 30 days
ReleasedNovember 2019


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