Updating the TX505 Remote Playlist

Program your sounds into the Fury 2, Prairie Blaster 2, or Crossfire as outlined in the instruction manual. Make certain that you do not use the same number for more than one sound! NOTE that the transmitter can only display 21 characters per line. The first 3 characters must be the sound number, from '000' through '499'. Place a space between the sound number and the sound name. 17 characters remain for the sound name. Although the sound name can have more characters, the TX-505 will only display the first 17 characters. Any additional ones will not be displayed.

NOTE: This process may take a few minutes. DO NOT turn off the TX-505 or game call during this process.

  1. Disconnect all accessories from the game call (i.e. charger, speakers, etc.)
  2. Turn the power off on both the game call and the TX-505.
  3. Turn on the TX-505 and game call.
  4. Access the Main Menu.
  5. Enter the TRANSMITTER CONFIG menu.
  6. Highlight the UPLOAD SOUND LIST menu item and press down on the selector knob one time.
  7. Make sure the game call is within 3 feet of the TX-505.
  8. A progress bar on the TX-505 display will indicate the playlist is being transferred.
  9. When complete, you will be prompted to select 'Continue' before reviewing the new list.